We designed an app that helps students track their food waste, and monitor the freshness of their purchased food. By providing more transparency and insights on their food usage, we’re hoping to motivate students to spend and consume more sustainably.

FigmaBalsamiq WireframingPaper PrototypingHuman-Computer Interaction


An actuated surface that allows the user to make gestures to manipulate their physical environment. More specifically, the user controls the display through hand gestures under an XBox Kinect sensor. While this project was intended to be just an initial prototype, the final product we created was able to achieve the design goals we had envisioned.

Arduino/C++3-D PrintingRapid PrototypingComputer-Aided Design (Fusion 360)

Cornell Thrift Web Programming Project

Our client is Cornell Thrift. Their key goals are to have a new website that uses the content of their existing website with newly added features, such as forms for updating current event, forms for sign up for mailing list, and image gallery.

User InterviewsHTML/CSSJS/JQueryPHPSQL
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